3 Tips for a Great Business Card Design

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If you own a business, you will understand the importance of the business brand development. It encompasses a dozen factors. The most important factor, however,is the business cards which you present to others. The business card is an important element which can showcase your business properly and briefly. It is the first impression that you will make on your clients of business partners. It is why you should create stunning business cards which have a beautiful and attractive design. It should have not only good design but also encompass all the information about your business. It is the best means of advertising your business and brand image.

If you are creating a business card, you should take control of its design. Make sure that it has a beautiful and attractive design. The design plays an important part. The contents on the business cards may be unique to your business, but you should also make the design unique. Design it in a way that it will create a long-lasting impression on the people.

The importance of business cards

The first thing that the two businessmen do after they shake their hands is to perform an exchange of business cards. It may be the age of digital prints, but you cannot ignore the importance of a business card. The business card is vital because it carries all the information about your business onit. You have to design it in a way that this information looks good. It includes your physical address and all your social media presence too. A business card has all the contacts and phone numbers and fax numbers on it. With all this important information on it, you should create a stunning business card design.

Tips for a great business card design

Here are top 3 Tips to a Great Business Card Design.

  1. Shape and size

The first thing that you should consider for a good design is the shape, size of the card. Always choose the standard shape. There are many businesses which try to curve the design a little from the edges. It looks good and also feelsgood. You can have standard rectangle edges or curved edges. The size of the card should not exceed 84 mm x 55 mm. If you print a larger card, it will not fit in the palm. It will be a great design flaw.

  1. Color scheme and graphics

The color scheme is another important aspect of the business card’s design. The purpose of the business card is not only to look attractive but also to showcase your business or company. Every business or company has a color scheme. If you have a company logo, choose the color scheme of the business card according to the logo. Do not choose high contrast colors or bright colors. Always go for mild colors which complement your business. Always choose the colors which are aesthetically appealing.

You should choose the color scheme which you use in all your digital and paper prints. Your business card color should match your Twitter or Facebook profile colors. The color scheme should be consistent. It will allow the people to recognize your business quickly. You should also add good quality graphics to your card. You may add a background image on the card that showcases your business.

  1. Text

The design does not only mean the colors and graphics. Make sure that the text is visible. It should also be readable. It should be intuitive and meaningful. The text’s font should also be similar to the one that you use on all your official company prints.




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