Finding Giclee Printing Services in Las Vegas

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This type of printing must produce something special as it comes with its own name. This was taken from the French word meaning “squirted.” In a simple theory this is pretty much what a regular inject printer does, but with Giclee printing, there is so much more involved.


Higher Quality

This type of inkjet printing delivers higher quality and archival robustness when compared to an inkjet printer. The word used to only be for artworks or photographs, but now it includes works created entirely on a computer. Finding Giclee Printing Services in Las Vegas who can print at this super high levels of detail isn’t as easy as you might expect.

There are three things to consider for any print to be considered Giclee, and these are explained here:


Giclee Print Resolution

A Giclee print must be printed at no less than 300 dots per inch. This means in the case of scanners or cameras to capture the image, they must be able to capture at this 300 DPI. Once the image is on the computer, settings should be checked as any DPI lower than this will lead to fragmentation.


Las Vegas Giclee Paper Choice

This is one of the significant factors in Giclee printing because the paper or substrate must be of archival quality. This should be seen on any box of paper, or any Las Vegas printer should be able to confirm if their paper is of this quality. Two qualities of this paper are, it comes acid-free and is of a 100% rag base or cotton manufacture.

Paper of this quality is far more expensive, and your choice of Vegas print shop should highlight this fact. Customers should also request this paper as if they come to sell prints, this is the level their customer will expect from a Giclee reproduction in Las Vegas.


Giclee Inks and Printers

Giclee printing doesn’t use standard ink. The ones used are pigment based compared to dye-based which are what typical inkjets use. These deliver a longer lifespan and should last up to 200 years with no fading.

With printers, these are generally large format printers in Las Vegas print shops, and this is another reason finding a Giclee printer who can offer all of the components, can be difficult. One reason for this is the machines hold up to 12 color cartridges to give the best colors possible.

Now What?

This is where Impress By Print comes in. We have over 20 years’ experience in this form of printing. Of course, the technology has changed and improved which makes things easier. We learned the hard way and do offer the best quality Giclee printing services in Las Vegas. With this, we provide the best rates, so any Giclee print is affordable regardless of the size.

Adorn your walls with the very best picture your wedding photographer managed to capture or hand out a Giclee print to a family member. These memories are priceless, and the image will be around for a good couple of hundred years to be enjoyed by family generations to come.


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