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The Difference between Reproduction and Print

When it comes to fine art reproduction in Las Vegas, you hear many different terms thrown around. Sometimes you will see the words reproduction, digital prints, illustration, and giclée print to original work. And with each phrase comes a different price tag. Are you trying to distinguish the difference between reproduction and print—Impress by Print is here to help?

The Dissimilarity between Copy and Print

The easiest way to remember the distinction between a print and reproduction is to think about how close the authentic artist is to the concluding work that you have hanging on the wall.  Is it an original by the artist or did someone else copy it? Here we have the differences between the two to make you understand what each of them is:

What is a Print?

A print is done by spreading ink on a surface by using the hand, machine, and more taking the artist’s design and printing it on a surface as many times as the artist wants. Compared to reproduction that does not use the original only the etching is the real thing. The artist is part of all the stages of producing a print compared to offset printing. When viewing prints the first thing you notice is the word “limited edition.” The print is more expensive and the cost depends on the labor and process used to create the copy.

What is Reproduction?

It is copies of the original work such as that poster on your wall. The truth is that with reproduction the original artist is not involved with the purpose with some exceptions. Printers use a digital image to create the work by creating a file they can use on any surface or size. The costs can vary depending on the level of detail and the cover used to print it on. For instance, if you do giclée print that is a fine art reproduction done with inkjet printers it can reproduce the same texture of the paint found on the original.


Why Artists Need a Professional Reproduction Printer

How many times have you looked at a poster, and it looks so real with the colors popping out of the image? The truth is those popping colors starts with a good printer. If you are an artist who wants to reproduce your artwork, you need to contact a specialized reproduction printing service. They can help you print images that pop and dazzle your customers boosting your business advertising needs. Here are some questions you can ask your fine art reproduction service in Las Vegas:

How much Experience do you have?

When it comes to printing images, the provider needs to have the correct printing equipment. Using a printer that works with business forms and other related marketing material may not be advisable and bets to use another printing service instead. You do not want your artwork ending up less desirable than the original image.

Can You Show me Sample of your work?

For the best reproduction printing, ask to see samples of their previous work. This step is essential when it comes to advertising your art. With the mock-ups, you can see for yourself if the printing service is capable of handling your project and produce quality prints.

What form of Printing Technology do you use?

When you need your art reproduced, you want the best. So make sure the printing service uses the latest printing technology. Ask them about the methods and processes they use. Inquire what type of inks, techniques, and paper they use as well.

Do you offer Offset Printing?

For fine art reproduction, quality is necessary and digital printing is not sufficient. Find a professional that deals in offset printing instead. For designing a postcard, digital might be helpful. But with art replication or fine printing work offset is the way to go.

Do Not Trust Your Fine Art Reproduction with Just Anyone

If you find the fine art reproduction business you plan on using has a shady behavior invest in a company with a good reputation. You want a good return on your investment and never settle for less. Compare prices, and never settle with a business because they offered you a lower price. If you are in need of advertising, your original art contact us today—we can help you with your art reproduction.

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