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How does Art Reproduction Work

For your fine art scanning in Las Vegas, we are here to help. We create high-quality art reproduction and help make your work accessible to people. We will provide you with guidance from the digital capture, editing, library management, to the final print. Now you may be wondering how it works? Read on and find out how we can help reproduce your art to get your name out there.

What the Process of Fine Art Scanning Is

Get in contact with us to arrange an appointment today and bring your original work. This is the first step and is where everything starts. We can provide you with friendly advice and discuss issues related to your fine art project. There are two methods of producing high-quality art reproduction using photographic capture and direct scanning.

Photographic Capture

If you have large pieces, or art painted with thick oils, using detailed capture is the way to go. With high-resolution photography, you can adequately light each art piece individually for the best effect. If you want all the textures displayed from your original work, this is the best option.

This, in turn, creates print-ready digital files from the work to use at a later stage as well. The entire process starts by capturing the image, separating the color, and plates to prepare it for a four-color printing press. When doing a digital capture for scanning your artwork, we use a scan back camera.

The device may look like a camera, but is a large scanner. If you already have your artwork on film or transparencies, we scan it in and clean it up of imperfections. Flatbed scanners used to capture slides.

Direct Scanning

If you have flat work or unframed art, we can scan it directly. The scanner used is custom profiled to produce sharp scans, but not print ready yet. The files still need cleaning up and retouched to balance the color for printing. We offer two resolutions scans a 600 and 1200 PPI for correct optical resolution.

Editing the Images

With both methods, editing takes place. The first thing is to do screen color matching to make it look as original as possible. We investigate the images for different details by comparing the original with the digital file. All imperfections on the request of the artist we fix. Now the final product is printed.

The Final Step

With the approval of the artist, we select the best paper and start with a test sheet to print the painting or a photograph. Once the proofing is signed off the top print starts.

If you want to have your artwork seen by different art specialist or want to invite visitors to your art exhibition using fine art reproduction is the way to go, contact Impress by Print today and discuss your project with us.

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