Green Printing the Ethical Way to Printing Business Folders

Do you want to run your business responsibly and still be a good custodian of Mother Earth?

You need to start printing your business folders in an eco-friendly way.

Firstly, it is ethical and essential, but we can give you many other reasons why green printing is the solution for your business today.

Printing without Volatile Organic Compounds

Everywhere you look, you see how dangerous VOCs are. You can still find some printers using volatile organic compounds in the printing process.

Maybe you have experienced some of the effects of using VOCs from asthma, nausea, dizziness, to respiratory infection. With all the side effects, it is crucial to keep the composite out of products making contact with your hands.

However, what are Volatile Organic Compounds? VOCs are an unstable organic composite that causes unpleasant reactions when someone’s exposed to it.

What can these compounds do? A fact is that some VOCs remain in the body for a long time and pose a risk to your health. Due to the high toxic levels, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has regulations in place on the amount of VOCs found in water.

Further, they have issued guidelines on the amount of volatile organic compounds produced in businesses or homes. The problem is the regulations not mandatory and not followed.

What makes VOCs dangerous is the gasses it releases in paint, inks, toners, cleaning products, upholstery, and the list goes on.

So where do printing come into the equation and how can it helps with presentation folders. It helps reduce contact with VOCs.

Get Green Business Folder Printing Today

With green printing using volatile organic compounds is less from the production to the delivery. When using ecologically safe inks, papers, and toners, you cut down the VOCs present in the printing room.

Therefore, it brings the VOCs level below the recommended exposure levels set up by the EPA. As a result, factory workers, distributors, and managers are not exposed to many carbon emissions, and VOCs pumped back into the air.

Finally, when you receive the finished presentation folder, you have fewer compounds released and benefits you and employees. The same applies when you hand the file over to a prospect.

Make the Right Decision Today

Lessen the exposure of VOCs with your clients today and start using environmentally friendly printed materials. With Impress by Print, all our printing methods carry the EPA approval to improve your brand reputation among consumers. Label your marketing material today and show prospects you are one of the good guys caring for the environment today. We care about the environment and so should you.


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