How Can I Find the Best Fonts for a Las Vegas Print Project?

The choice of fonts and typography can be complicated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

You sometimes know what looks good or what isn’t, and even if you have no idea why, you are not about to pick Comic Sans to produce a quarterly sales report. You may need a little help in finding the best fonts for a Las Vegas print project in order to convey your message to the people you want to pay attention to it as they read your message.

Here is your quick-reference guide to finding the best fonts, no matter what print project you are currently working on.

Pro Printers Guide to Typography

There is no need to be a graphic artist or desktop publishing specialist to gain a basic idea of which fonts work well together and which ones don’t. It helps, nonetheless, to have a grasp of typography. This goes well beyond bold, italic, and underlined; here are a few of the more essential fonts.

Serif: Serif is a typeface with few adornments at the endpoints of letters. These are traditional typefaces, intended to emulate the way a pen will leave more ink after each stroke.

Sans serif: A typeface of sans serif omits those little adornments. The outcome is a more modern, cleaner look, as well as more minimalist in appearance.

Slab serif: As a hybrid between serif and sans serif, the slab-shaped serif font features the accents of a standard serif font, but also features filigree, sharp and angled serifs, which are often used to evoke the look and feel of traditional handwritten letters.

Script: Script fonts aim to replicate cursive writing by connecting each letter in a word to the next letter, so it looks as if the word has been written with a pencil stroke in a loop.

Guides for Grouping Fonts

When it comes to grouping fonts together, there are no better people to understand this than professional printers. While there are no strict rules for doing this, there are general guides of what should and shouldn’t be done.

  • Only ever use scripts for headings and never body text
  • Use serif for body text as it is easier to read
  • Use slab serif for block quotes
  • Sans serif is excellent for titles
  • Larger fonts at the top and work to smaller in the hierarchy

A good printer can do this quickly and make any Las Vegas print project shine

Where to Find Good Typography

You may be trying yourself to match fonts and can’t move forward. This can be because there is so much of design that goes into this as well as just the type of font.

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