How Foil Printing Company Las Vegas Makes You Shine

Foil printing is creating ripples in the print industry. It’s an ideal way to add a degree of detail and refinement to a project without detracting from the overall message.

Here, we see how foil printing company Las Vegas makes you shine. A touch of accent can be enough to change the appearance and feel of business cards, direct mail, or anything else that deserves the attention of the audience.


What is Las Vegas Foil Printing?

Foil printing or hot stamping add foil accents to printed parts. Instead of ink, foil stamping utilizes a metallic foil material to add accents to printed materials, such as trims, logos, or lettering.

Gold foil was the original, and today graphic designers use similar techniques to add foil to print without limitations. Foils can be in a variety of colors to match the company’s brand and objectives.

Everything from retail packaging to business cards is now printed with aluminum foil. Using materials other than gold is more cost-effective and widely available to businesses and their event printing Las Vegas.

What are the Different Foils in Las Vegas Printing?

Instead of gold leaf, you can choose pigment sheets. You will find them in gloss or matte, which do not have the metallic sheen typically associated with foils.

Pearled and holographic foils are now an everyday choice. Pearled foils are almost transparent with a pearl-like finish. They are used primarily to add luster rather than color. Holographic foils create silvery effects similar to those of the rainbow. Many of these are seen on the back of media discs. Holograms come in patterns, including dots or prisms.

Other sheets may resemble marble or wood. A local Las Vegas printer will advise you on the best options to complete your design.

Finding Foil Printing Print Company Las Vegas

With so many options available, you can transform your company printed matter. With the number of conventions in the city, it is vital to stand out, and adding a foil highlight can be enough to get everyone to take a close look at what you have printed.

It will take the skills of your chosen print shop to understand how best to use foil printing, and how to make sure it fits in with your message and your brand.

Rather than waste time searching, contact Impress By Print, who is a premium print shop, and are well versed in foil printing, as well as most other forms of publication that can cater to your business.

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