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The Advantages of Offset Printing Projects

Have you ever considered using a Las Vegas Color Graphics provider to help market your business? Have you thought about using offset printing projects? If not, you are missing one of the best printing methods today.

The procedure you can use for a variety of print jobs and is the go-to choice today. What makes the technique unique is you can use it on paper, cardboard, plastic, and more.

Not only is it useful but cost-effective as well. So what do offset printing projects entail and when should you use the method to provide the value your business deserves?

Let us find out!

Offset Printing: What Is It

Offset printing is a form of print that works with custom metal plates to copy your content onto different material. The techniques referred to as “offset.” During the process, the inks not printed directly onto the paper and transferred through rubber rollers.

The printing machine has several plates, and a single color of CMYK inks added per plate. Once the equipment starts processing, the plates roll the image onto a rubber roller, which presses onto the material. What makes the method excellent is that you can use various inks such as metallic’s and Pantone colors.

The color is significantly providing a bright or vivid detail with the highest image quality making the item stand out. However, it is time-consuming, as you need to set up each metal plate and needs to be custom made. The lead-times longer and not recommended for small printing jobs.

However, if you want a professional look with high efficiency, it is one of the best choices for large printing jobs.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Using Offset Printing?

Traditionally, offset printing you use for books and magazines as it pushes the bounds for creativity. You can apply from metal, wood, to chocolate to print with the offset method. Therefore, it is a versatile process for projects and design. Furthermore, you can use it for record jackets, business cards, board games, professional publications, and so much more.

Talk to your printer professional today about using different embellishments and substrates in your projects using offset printing today.  

What is the Alternative to Offset Printing?

However, if you find that offset printing is not the right project, you can consider using digital printing as a substitute. With digital printing, you get loads of options to give business marketing just the right edge. Compared to the latter you can run smaller quantities at an affordable price.

Alternatively, you can also get the right quantity needed, as offset printing requires a higher minimum. On the other hand, you can also include variable data such as unique codes that you cannot use in offset printing. Therefore, you can customize your projects to the user’s specific needs.

Regardless of the type of printing, you decide to use, trust Impress by Print to handle any printing projects you may have. We offer a full-service of publication in Las Vegas with the fastest turnaround times, value, and in-house services.


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