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Must-Have Printed Items for Your Next Trade Show Booth

Are you getting the most out of your Las Vegas Expo Printing? How did your trade show booth-marketing do last year? The truth is that your company’s success does not only rely on you making an appearance. You need to plan, and it starts by getting the right marketing material together. Impress by Print comes to your rescue, as we know it is not cheap to attend a trade show. You need to develop a marketing strategy to achieve the best return on your investment. So get the following printed pieces displayed and ready at your next trade show booth.

Make These Printed Items Part of Your Marketing Strategy

A fact is you do not want to copy other vendors leaving your success to chance. With the following printed items, you can create a great first impression and make it a profitable event.

Pre-Show Post Cards

Getting booth space at the trade shows expensive, so do not waste your investment, and make it worth your time. Send out trade show postcards before your event with your gift or cash giveaway displayed on it. This helps to create a buzz before the show enticing customers to visit your stall. You can even send two postcards before the show. Send the first one out at least eight weeks preceding the event. The second one you can send out to be in the postbox at least two weeks before the occasion.  Pre-show information helps the audience to plan their time and secures their interest.

Large Format Prints

Standing out at a trade show is difficult, and you do not always have the funds to splash out. Contact us today, and we will help you think out of the box with large format printing. We can help you with less expensive ways that still gives you a competitive edge over other corporate businesses. With posters, booth graphics, banners, and more you can establish your brand loud and clear for all to see.

Complimentary Giveaways

Want to make an impression, give away branded merchandise. But do not use items that users dispose of and pick things that add value to the audience. You want them to use the product and see your brand displayed. Pick bags, T-shirts, water bottle, and more. The more useful your gift, the likelihood is your visitor will hang onto it. Make your gift meaningful and creative by handing out branded stickers with your booth number on to attendees. Have someone on your team hand out prizes to attendees when they see them wearing the label. This is a great way to expose your brand.

Sales Collateral

A brochure is only one part of sales collateral and using one during the tradeshow is an art. You do not want to go shoving it in every hand or passerby. You must give them a reason to look at it (and there will be other vendors doing the same.) The best solution is to hand it to people who start a conversation with you. This will help cut down printing costs, as you will be giving the material to interested individuals.

Wrapping It Up

An important thing to remember is that all vendors follow the same pattern when it comes to trade shows. They hand out brochures, business cards, candy, cookies, and more. Do not fall into the same rhythm as everyone else. Develop your unique marketing strategy to reach your goal. For more ideas and inspiration, contact us today to help make your marketing material stand out.

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