Las Vegas Outdoor Flag Printing

One of the best ways to catch an audience’s attention is by using outdoor flags. Most often people only see the regularly shaped flags, but there are many other varieties and designs around which can be more eye-catching.


Where to Use Outdoor Flags?

There aren’t many businesses which can’t take advantage of outdoor flags. Some of the more frequent places you see these, and who Impress By Print are continually asked to do Las Vegas outdoor flag printing are:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants,
  • Business lobbies
  • Special events


What Type of Flags in Las Vegas

Impress By Print custom print many types of outdoor flags. These are from the regular shapes for sitting atop flag-poles, or they are in any of the following configurations.

  • Teardrop bow shape
  • Regular feather shape
  • Vertical straight options

All of our flags are produced in the highest quality material. They are constructed and printed in a way to withstand rain, light to medium wind and are durable against harsh sunlight fading.

These irregular shaped outdoor flags come in various sizes and are a fantastic way of providing visual impact at ground level. Customers who may pass by oblivious to your store or event can very quickly have their attention grabbed by a Las Vegas outdoor flag which is fluttering in a breeze.


Las Vegas Feather Flag Sizes

Printable area on these flags can vary from around 24 inches up to a massive 40 inches. These can be single sided dye sublimation printed or double-sided. Impress By Print can supply these in many sizes, however, are most regular outdoor flag printing is either 10ft, 13ft or 16 feet tall.

Depending on the size of your outdoor flag can have a bearing on your base. These can be from a simple stake, a long holding stake over a base to water or sand filled bladders. Although these depend on the area, they will be situated, and the periods they will be on site.

One other feature of this type of flag is their ability to be fixed, or they can spin freely. This really catches customers attention when there is a breeze.


Any Size Any Design

Flags can be almost any size, and any design imaginable. We have the very best designers who can translate your ideas into a work of art that you can fly proudly, or you can use to grab customers attention.

We offer the best of materials from which you can choose, and our professional printers will advise on the best method of printing which fits your needs at the best and most affordable rate.

If you are looking for custom outdoor flag printing in Las Vegas, give us a quick call, and we will do all we can to help you fly the flag with pride.


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