Las Vegas Top Dessert Spots

You might think you have read it wrong, trust me you haven’t. Las Vegas has much more than sand to offer,and when it comes to desserts, there are many places which serve up the crème de la crème for all sorts of sweet tasty delights. Most of these can round off any meal,or they are worthy of a visit on their own merit.


Here are Las Vegas Top Dessert Spots in no particular order and which has their signature dessert to show what you are in for.


Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House – Banana Pie

Don’t let the name throw you off, you are still in Vegas. This banana pie dessert has seen plenty of comings and goings as it has been on the menu from the very start. It might take a few friends to finish a full pie as it contains three pounds of fresh bananas.


Jaleo – Flan

Following his mother’s recipe, Jose Andres serves a flan which isn’t perfect. He says himself the oven was always too hot yet the small bubbles in the surface are enough to take you back to your childhood.

Everyone knows their mom cooking is the best and being transported back in time is no easy feat. Any dessert in Las Vegas that is able to do that deserves to be close to the top of the list.


Yao Asian Bistro – Giant Fortune Cookie

No menu anywhere would be complete without an Asian inspired dessert. Dinner is finished with a giant fortune cookie that not only brings good fortune. It brings lots of goodies including a dark and white chocolate mouse and the cookie being topped with fresh fruits and risque cookies.


Carlo’s BakeryLobster Tails

Carlo’s Bakery under the hands of Buddy Valastro’s has carried on the tradition of making the delicious lobster tails. If you want evidence that these are good the bakery has produced these cream filled tails since the bakery began, and which was over 100 years ago.



Joel RobuchonMignardises Cart

If you are in the mood for overindulgence, then this is it. Be sure to leave space after your meal as once the cart comes around you will be spoiled for choice JoëlRobuchon at the MGM Grand carts are filled with chocolates, macaroons, candies and many more. Don’t restrict yourself to one or two, you can take as many as you like.


 Andrea’sMt. Fuji

Any dessert which takes a full day of preparation needs to be big, and as the name suggests. This one is huge. At one foot in height, this dessert will take all the help of friends or family to tackle even half of it. With a devil’s food cake with plenty of Myers dark rum mousse which is then layered in a cone and frozen.

64% dark chocolate covers the outside which is coated with a fluffy meringue which has been lightly torched beforehand. When it finally arrives the servers drenches it in Bacardi 151 and sets fire to it. The regular size is enough to take care of 10 people where a smaller version can be ordered for up to six hungry people.


SinatraSinatra Hat

Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas with a mention of Frank Sinatra. The restaurant of the same name features the Sinatra Hat with a chocolate mousse and a milk chocolate pannacotta to finish off the dish.


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