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It doesn’t matter where you want to display a banner, but big is generally better when you want to stand out in that convention or expo crowd. Banners are highly affordable for any Las Vegas event and are one of the best ways of showing off your company and brand.

If you need to grab customer’s attention, we can provide you with the most eye-catching printed banners Las Vegas business people will find it hard to ignore.


Designing an Effective Banner in Las Vegas

Vegas is colorful, but that isn’t always better when you have something you need to show off to a crowd. If you want a banner for another location, we have the best advice on size as there might be limits to what you can go up to.

Size limits are one thing, but size limits to get your message across are another thing altogether. We have experts in layout who’ve created some of the best banners, pop up display’s flags and more. If you have a booth at an expo and you want to give it some appeal, we can run with your ideas and print anything which will tie in with a premium printed banner.


Las Vegas Printed Banner Advice

All the staff at Impress By Print are in no doubt you and your company are professionals in your field. We are veterans in the printing field and have more than enough expertise to say what will and what won’t work effectively.

Just because a printed banner is large doesn’t mean it is designed the best it could be, or the substrate is suitable for the job. Indoor banners and Las Vegas outdoor banners have very different elements to tackle. The harsh sun which can dry the fabric and fade the paint. We’ve seen it all before and use the best materials to make sure your banner would stay looking its best.


Customer Service

A good many companies choose banners for their advertising, and they forget one major thing. They leave the print shop and head off with their banner under their arm, and then it hits them. How do they install it? They might have the location, but that’s only half the job. If it isn’t fitted correctly, there’s going to be wrinkles showing or it won’t hang straight.

Impress By Print always make sure to put the customer first. We have no qualms about sending out the guys to make sure your new large format banner is fitted where it should be and how it should be. All done wrinkle free and a smile on the installation teams faces.

When we say customers come first, we mean it today as much as we did 20 years ago when we first started. For that extra special banner, just give us a call. Now it’s down to you. Go Big and Go Proud.

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