Questions to ask your Las Vegas Printing Company


If you have taken a stunning photograph or designed some artwork, or you might be a company who has a print run which you need doing. There are some questions you need to ask potential printers to make sure they are going to deliver the best results.

These questions might also show your work isn’t up to the standard which will produce the best results, either way, you need to find out if you are ready, and if your Las Vegas print company is prepared or capable of delivering the very best results.


What Choices Are There?

Here you need to ask your print company which print process will be the best option for your project. The batch size could have a bearing on this where you will go with digital printing or lithographic printing.

You will find some companies only deal with one type of printing, examples being Las Vegas large format printing, while others might only do screen printing.


Do You Provide Templates?

Most of the busy Las Vegas print companies are asked continually of their specifications, bleed size, trim elements and such. The best Las Vegas printers in many cases have templates they can supply to customers. This makes it easier for print jobs to be ready for printing before they receive them. This can save a considerable amount of time on both sides.


What are Your Bleed and Creep?

If your chosen printer doesn’t have templates, you need to ask about the creep and bleed.

Bleed is the most common and is around 3mm for small sized print jobs whereas large format printing might ask for more.

For brochures, booklets or catalogs, you need to ask about creep. This is time-consuming for work which is pre-designed, bleed is there no matter what print job you are doing.



What Resolution Should My Images Be?

Low-resolution images give poor results, this is even more so if they are blown up to be a larger size. The biggest mistake people make is cropping or overcropping an image. Images lose their crispness, and it is impossible to retain detail.

Images should also be converted to CMYK before submitting them to your Las Vegas printing company.


What File Formats Should I Submit?

There are many images which are in .png or .gif formats. These don’t translate well to printing as they are geared towards screen displays. Both of these are able to handle 72ppi, but this needs to be much higher for a high-quality print file. Tiff files are used by many printers.


What is the Best Size?

This is where a good printer will help. Your print job might only need to be adjusted by a couple of millimeters, but this change can be the difference of fitting more to a sheet. This makes the entire job more economical and more budget friendly.


What Paper Stock is Best?

Much of this depends on your print job. It can be glossy or matte, and each can give different colors than you expected. You might want to dictate what you want, but asking your Las Vegas Printing professional such as Impress By Print, they will advise on the best printing stock for the job.


How Fast Can it Be Printed?

Many printing jobs can be performed much quicker now they use digital technology rather than regular offset printing techniques.

It is better to work backward from the date you need the finished items by because this is how a good printer would calculate the span it takes them to do the job.


Seeing Proofs and Company Contact

A good Las Vegas print company will be more than happy to provide proofs, and also let you contact them anytime. This can be crucial if your print run is happening overnight. At the very least, you should be able to see proofs or samples of their work.


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