The Power of Thank You Business Cards

Have you recently sent a thank you business card to your clients? Do you think it is a lost art, in the business world? Alternatively, are you not sending enough mail as you use to do?

Well, then now is the best time to start reviving the business practice. Think of it this way; it still builds your brand image and works wonders.

Why Should You Invest in Business Thank You Cards?

It has been a while since you have received a thank you card for being a top client. You are not alone as these days it is common not to use it.

Since email has taken over, it has become cheaper and faster to send a thank email to customers. There is no more welcoming news in the post with a small discount coupon to say thank you.

What is better reading an email or opening a tangible thank you card? Opening that business card is more personalized and real.

Customers can hold it and read it to boost brand retention. Therefore, since it is not standard practice anymore, you may surprise your clients and leave a lasting impression.

Why not try it once a while and start sending those thank you business cards as part of your marketing.

When Is It the Right Time to Send a Thank You Card?

There is no right or wrong time to start using them. As a business, you can send the card for different reasons and depends on your enterprise. However, you can use them as:

  • Referrals – you can post a quick note to someone who referred new business to you. Whether you are a dentist, doctor, or designer, you can always send a thank you card.
  • Anniversaries – send your client a thank you card to celebrate their anniversary date for signing up with your service.
  • For no good reason – one does not need a reason to say thank you to clients. Just send them one out-of-the-blue and make his or her day. It may even lead to them making a purchase.
  • After making a big purchase – a thank you card goes a long way when someone spends loads of money with your business.
  • Renewals – say thank you with a card when consumers renew his or her service with you.

What Should Be on the Custom Business Thank You Card?

Your business thank you card needs to be as exclusive as your company is. However, there are some standard fundamentals required.

So instead of grabbing that box of tasteless Thank You cards, have a professional printer help print your cards with your company logo on it. Therefore, it is a chance for your brand to make a positive impression that will last.

Furthermore, liven up the blank inside with preprint-handwritten font and color messages to keep it authentic. With the process, it saves time and makes it more personalized to make it unique.

Not only will you leave an impression you are expressing your gratitude as to why you are sending the note. Therefore, by writing your thank you note, the results speak many words.

Keep it simple by saying Thank You We Appreciate Your Service and make sure to sign your name. Now complete it off with a well-branded coordinating envelope to reinforce your trademark making it professional.

You can keep it simple with your company name and logo on the envelope. Alternatively, you can make it colorful with mailing labels, foil seals, embellishment, and texture.

Improve Your Branding Today

Get your custom business thank you cards today and improve your branding now. The cost of having a card, envelope preprinted and putting on a stamp is minimal.

You will be amazed at what value you can add to your business. When done correctly your thank card can cement customer loyalty and go a long way.

Furthermore, you will build mind awareness to create a positive impression of your trade. Talk to one of Impress by Print today about having your custom business thank you card made.

Start building positive relationships with clients every time you say Thanks.

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