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It is very common that a trade show booth at a convention is a powerful means of promoting a product or a brand. The trade show booth can create an immense appeal at a convention. What creates more appeal is the booth wrap. These convention booths are now a new way to promote a motion picture. These convention boothsare for promoting independent films. If you have a well-constructed booth, with an interactive interior and a glaring exterior, your promotionalactivities will be successful. Make sure that you choose the most attractive, creative and alluring Convention Booth Wraps in Las Vegasfor your trade show booths.

Theme Is Key

If you are creating a booth wrap for a film, then you should design it for your film. You should know what the theme of your film is? What colors and themes you use in the picture. You should use the same color and theme for your booth. You should construct a booth which has a similar theme on the inside and the outside. You should wrap your booth with the movie. It will create a striking effect and not like any other conventional booth wraps. Fill the wrap with the movie effects and images. It will create an early attraction for the visitors.

The material of the both wrap

Most booth wrap services create the wraps using tension fabric. There are many services which use high-quality paper, but it is not recommended to use paper wraps. The vinyl wraps are however more versatile and are long-lasting too. The booth wraps need to be bright and shiny; the best choice is to use a vinyl wrap for your booth. The images that print on vinyl are more attractive and versatile than on any other material.

Go plain

You may want to create a booth wrap which is colorful and attractive. But, you may also like to have one side of the booth or a large area of the booth’s wall to be empty or plain white. You may display a trailer of the film on that white area. It will save time and hassle. Instead of installing a large LED TV for promotion, you may play the trailer or clips of the movie on the booth wrap.

The print quality

When you seek a booth wrap, it should have an excellent quality print on it. The booth wrap is larger than a canvas print. It will cover the entire booth or wrap around it. It is why you should not compromise on quality. The resolution should be perfect. It will only happen if you choose the service which offers great print quality for booth wraps. You should choose a service which offers the Giclee printing process for booth wraps.

Using a booth for promoting a movie may seem a bit unconventional, but it may be very successful. It all depends on the booth and its design. You should choose the best print service to print the booth wrap and other print media for your promotional activities.



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