Vinyl Wrap Las Vegas

If you owned a vehicle which needs a little touch-up, maybe the color’s faded, or there’s a little too much oxidization. Now there’s no need to consider a paint job where there is a considerable amount of cost involved, and the same thing will happen again. There is now a better way and a way which can give you the car of your dream compared to providing a touch-up.

Paint is now officially dead.


Vehicle Wraps

A vinyl wrap Las Vegas vehicle owners choose can be of any design as well as one color, and it comes with its own added benefits. New vehicles can be wrapped to protect the paintwork and the value, and those stone chips will become a thing of the past.

If you fancy a change of you dated vehicle, vinyl vehicle wraps are the best alternative to paint and can take a fraction of the time while being totally reversible if you fancy reverting back to the original color.


Company Branding

We mostly think of vinyl wraps as the sides of vehicles with company names and telephone numbers. While these are still completed, this design is dated. Impress By Print can change the entire fleet with our skillfully designed wraps.

We gave up on only the side of a vehicle a long time ago, and now wrap anything from trailers, vehicles, boats or any other thing you can think of which would benefit from some company branding.


Our Vinyl Wraps

We know our vinyl wraps in Las Vegas are among the best because we only use the best materials available. 3m, Avery, and Oracle are the biggest names in vinyl supplies in Las Vegas, so you are guaranteed the very best for your vehicle.

One of the best advantages of our vinyl wraps is the customer can get to see what their vehicle will look like before the job even starts. When you see a vehicle being transformed before your eyes in the hands of our highly skilled vinyl wrap designers, you’ll simply be blown away.

Your imagination is the driving force for some of the most radical vehicle wraps to grace the streets around the Vegas strip.


Interior Wraps

If you want to take a vinyl wrap to another location, maybe you have a grand idea inside your business, but paint just won’t make the grade. You can now have some breathtaking interiors. These revolutionary wraps can be applied to substrates or installed as pre-finished paneling which you can fit in any location you desire.

For a fraction of the cost of many other applications, vinyl can even wrap your walls in most traditional finishes, be it stone, glass, metal or good old-fashioned wood. Our professional installation teams can wrap pretty much anything that can be wrapped.

Any design on any sized surface and Impress By Print relishes the challenge. Once the jobs are completed, we love to stand there and come out with the timeless quip.

That’s a wrap.


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