What’s in Your Collection of Printed Marketing Material

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Do you want to make your marketing department a success? If you do, the business needs a collection of printed material to achieve this.

What do you have in your assortment? Do you have a wide selection to present to prospective clients?

A fact is no business is alike, and printing requirements vary. Every piece of marketing material has a particular function.

So if you want your sales and marketing to stay on the road to success, invest in some of these printed pieces.

Business Cards

The business card is the first printed item you need to invest in and remains one of the top marketing materials. The branded business card need not be expensive and should accompany your other printed collateral to strengthen your brand.

Furthermore, it provides essential information related to your trade. The prospectus helps to connect clients and prospects with people in your business and create awareness. Using the correct design creates a lasting impression in a professional way. It means you are ready for business.

You can even use it as a marketing tool with a special offer or discount included adding a call to action to add value.

The Postcard

Postcard design and content can vary and depends on how you plan to use it to market yourself. The postcards versatile to use as a thank you piece, special promotions, reminders, follow up, brand awareness and announcements. If you plan to use it in your marketing strategy, we recommend you use a printing partner to help design one within your budget.

The Thank You Card

Thank you cards may be a lost form of art but remains an influential sales and marketing tool. With an excellent design, company logo, and personal handwritten message it can do wonders. Surprise your customers now with a thank you business card. They are affordable to print, and you can decide on using different sizes, designs, and embellishments to make it unique.

The Brochure

Another marketing staple is the brochure offering a business many purposes. You can use them with product promotions, events, recruiting, programs, and it provides your company information. The prospectus is compelling with endless uses. However, a marketing brochure is not successful on its own. You need to plan, strategies, and be creative. Nevertheless, once everything lines up it is a useful sales tool.

Rack Cards

The rack card is not a brochure as both have differences. The rack cards smaller in size and provides a two-sided design. Further, they are made of cardstock and not flexible paper. You can include different elements from glossy finishes, embellishments, and embossing. The prospectus is helpful for marketing as you can leave them on a front desk for people to take.

Other Important Prospective Items to Have

These are some of the essential printed marketing material to have, but there are items you can use to make an added statement:

  • Branded Pens is a favorite promotional item as it is inexpensive and reserved for select clients. The best of all clients keep them as it is useful and creates a brand impression when used.
  • Presentation Folders is another valuable marketing tool. Make a statement today and present consumers with the information presented in a business folder.
  • Stickers are a versatile piece as you can use it at events to hand out, put it on mailers, included it in a presentation folder, and more. Alternatively, it is inexpensive to help your brand get exposure.

There’s no right or wrong way to market with these marketing tools and best to have plenty of them on hand at all times.

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