When is it time to choose a Digital Press?

Do you want to make a statement with clients? Do you have a low-volume printing job you need done?

Consider doing your projects with digital printing. Using a digital press is cost-effective and quick.

Not only is it a money-saver it produces high-quality results for your business. However, digital printing is not ideal for all projects.

So why choose a digital press instead of the traditional offset method? Explore with us when is the ideal time to use digital printing with your marketing projects.

Digital Printing: What is it?

With digital printing, you use a digital press to print. Instead of using rubber blankets or metal plates, you use a toner or liquid ink to print images. Think of the inkjet or laser printer! The techniques new compared to using offset printing. A fact is when comparing a printed project of both there is very little difference in the quality and color. The big difference is the time it takes to print and the cost.

When Should You Choose Digital?

Digital printing has a lower cost with a quick turnaround time compared to offset printing. However, to make the best choices when it comes to using a digital press, there are times it can make more sense. The methods recommended if:

  • You have a low-volume print job as the setup costs lower than using offset printing. Therefore, if you have a printing project of one to 100 pieces, digital printing is the way to go. You do not need to create custom plates, and there is no extensive setup.
  • You need the marketing material immediately then digital printing has a quick turnaround time. Offset printing can take time to set up.
  • Do you need variable data printed from names, barcodes, addresses and more? Digital printing offers you this and more. There is no need for setting up individual plates and saves you loads of money.
  • You need a specific number of prints then digital printing can help. Whether it is an odd number of copies, there is no setup process and done immediately. Furthermore, you only pay for the number of prints.

Is Digital Printing For You?

While digital printing does not offer you metallic inks, unique embellishments, or a custom paper it is perfect for standard color and black & white print. The printing method has come a long way and continues to grow. Further, it remains the best option to use with a wide selection of marketing projects. If you are not sure that digital printing can benefit your project, talk to Impress by Print and lets one of our experts help you today.

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