Which is Best in Las Vegas, Mesh or Vinyl Banners?

You want to promote an event with a standout banner. It needs to be seen by people passing and colorful enough to catch their eyes in the sea of other advertising in the city. Which type of banner should you buy? You have plenty of options, and it does help to do your research before deciding what will work best.

What will work better: a mesh banner or a vinyl banner? Are they expensive, and do they fit inside your budget? Is your message going to stand out on one material better than another is? Take the time to learn, “which is best in Las Vegas, mesh or vinyl banners?”


Ups and Downs of Mesh Banners in Las Vegas

Mesh is a woven fabric, and the fibers allow air to pass through. By doing so, the banner is more stable and doesn’t flap around so passersby can easily see it, which makes it ideal for outdoor environments.

Benefits of mesh banners are:

  • Durable while being lightweight
  • Tear-resistant
  • They let air pass-through
  • Long lifespan compared to some other materials

There are some disadvantages, which are:

  • They can work out more expensive than vinyl
  • It is only possible to print on one side
  • Your graphics and colors are duller looking than vinyl


Vinyl Banners, the Good and the Bad

Vinyl is a synthetic material that can repel water and cope with plenty of wear and tear. Trade shows are the number one area you see these, where there is high traffic. For bright, vibrant graphics, there are not many materials, which perform as good.

Vinyl benefits

  • Vinyl is a cheaper alternative to mesh
  • You can select from matt or gloss finishes
  • You can print on either side
  • Printing time is much faster than mesh


Downsides of vinyl

  • It can suffer from rips or tears easily
  • It can’t cope with high winds very well
  • Wrinkle scan form with repeat putting up and taking down


A Good Las Vegas Print House Can Give Advice

When you are searching for a new banner to promote your company, you may find many printers will print on the material you say.

To be a real print professional, it means they will offer advice, which is the better of the two materials, depending on your intended use.

It is easy to find such a company in the form of Impress By Print. For decades, they have been printing on these two materials, among many others, and offer the best advice to any company who requires printing work to be carried out.

You will learn both vinyl and mesh banners in Las Vegas both have their place, although it is finding the one that suits your needs, and these are the people to help you do just that.

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