Which is Best, Offset vs. Digital Las Vegas Printing?

Understanding the differences between digital and offset printing is merely a way of learning more about how the process works. Nevertheless, it also has much to do with the result of the final product – and what it costs!

If you are puzzled over your options, here we look at which is best, offset vs. digital Las Vegas printing? Read on to see which one you probably want to use for your printing projects.

What are the Basic Differences between Offset and Digital Printing?

Before we dive into the pros and cons. You should learn the basic differences between the two printing processes:

Offset printing indirectly transfers ink onto the printed matter. Las Vegas printers will make custom engraved metal plates with the design of the project for each color in your project. These plaques are loaded on rollers and pass ink onto a rubber blanket that rolls the ink onto the paper.

Digital printing is more straightforward. It prints from a digital file straight onto paper by using different colors of ink. This is similar to the one used by regular office inkjet printers, with the exception that the print quality is often much higher.

Pros and Cons of Las Vegas Offset Printing

Many business owners are often searching for the perfect print solution. However, not one is the best, and each has its place.

The biggest advantage of offset printing is the ability to print high volumes quickly and inexpensively. The more you print, the less you’ll pay. Magazines, books, and postcards are some of the common print areas.



Offset allows you to choose a variety of sizes and materials. Since you have custom made plates, they will fit the size of your project. You can also choose from specialty inks such as Pantones and metallic for added glamor.

Nevertheless, offset printing isn’t right for all projects. It’s cost-effective unless you want a small amount, it then works out expensive. Offset printing also needs some setting up before local printers can start the run. Plates need making and set on rollers. Additionally, there has to be a test run to make sure the ink is flowing correctly.

Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

This kind of printing in Las Vegas is better for small runs that you need quick. Many overnight printers use this method. There is no setup once the files are right, and you have the correct print media.

You can also purchase the right number of prints rather than the large number sprinter impose with offset. You can also change data easily, as in the case of address labels and tracking codes. This makes it perfect for direct mail campaigns.

You do have limits on the papers and inks to be used with digital printing. Besides, some print partners may have limits on their machine size.

Finding a Print Partner in Las Vegas who Does Both

Rather than debate between the two kinds of printing, you are better finding a print partner who offers both services. This means they can advise much better, and they can keep a consistency of work for both types of printing.

One place to contact is Impress By Print. They cover a wide range of printing methods to satisfy any custom printing needs. It can be from personal use when customers want Giclee prints, to direct mail with different addresses. It can also be a print run of thousands of brochures for the next expo that is coming to town.


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