Why is Everyone Making Giclee Prints in Las Vegas?

Although there are masses of digital art, there are still true artists with paints and photography. There is still a growing demand for works of art you can physically look at for hours, hang on your wall and touch.

This personal aspect makes printing sought after, and the quality demands are on the increase. Here we will answer why is everyone making giclee prints in Las Vegas.

Read on, and you will see why more artists are turning to the large prints. You will also find who they are turning to produce them at the standards they are happy to hang in a gallery.

Why are Artists Using professional Printers for Giclee Printing?

Not so long ago, it was the case an artist made a piece of art, and then they sold it. It was a one-off transaction, and there was only one lucky individual who could appreciate the art.

Prints came along, and these used to be small versions. Nowadays, with modern equipment and techniques, these can be made bigger. An artist can reach more people, and they can make more money from selling limited numbers of prints.

Kinds of Prints in Las Vegas

There are various kinds of prints, and each has its place and own fan base. Giclee prints can appeal to a broader audience by the nature of the art. These are not screen-prints, lithographs or monotypes.

Giclee printing is an art form in itself and can be used to create numerous types of art prints. The basic way this work is the same as an inkjet printer, yet these are no way suitable to reproduce art in the right manner.

Giclee printers are large format printers and reproduce exact colors and high amounts of detail.

What Makes Giclee Prints?

Because these works of art are on paper or canvas, they need scanning. A regular scanner does so at 72DPI. Giclee printers scan at 300DPI or over. Inks are also crucial, as these are a specific type, which is classed as archival.

These inks are pigment-based rather than regular dye-based, and the printers will hold 12 colors compared to the couple a regular inkjet holds.

Finding a Giclee Printer in Las Vegas with Passion

You can’t arrive at any print company and ask them to produce giclee prints. The machines are a hefty investment, and the printers need to understand what it takes to create perfect prints fully. Artists will communicate with their print shop, and together they will decide the best option for open edition or limited edition.

Impress By Print has been helping artists for decades produce large runs of giclee prints. There are well-known artists, the not so well known, and the undiscovered artists who find the giclee prints form this company are far beyond their expectations.

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