Will Premium Business Cards Make Impressions in Las Vegas?

There’s nothing worse than opening your new pack of business cards when they return from their printer and discover that they’re nothing like what you expected.

Upon close inspection, you will see that your contact information is incorrect, and your name is misspelled. There is no way to distribute them to contacts, at exhibitions or trade shows.

On top of that, cardboard feels more like paper than high-quality paper. This raises the question that if you choose the right printer, and you may have to pay that little extra? Will Premium business cards make impressions in Las Vegas?

If you’re in this position, or about to order some new cards, read on and you’ll see why premium business cards make a difference, and how you can guarantee you’ll get them.

The First Chance is the Only Chance to Make Good Impressions

We know we shouldn’t, yet we all judge a book by its cover. We do the same when they hand over a business card. One of the first things anyone does with a new business card is flick it around in their fingers to feel the quality. This they do before checking what the print contains. Nobody will associate with your business if you are not presenting yourself or your company in the right way.

This is where your business card needs to deliver your professional contact details while representing your brand in the best possible light. You can achieve this by professional design from a reputable Las Vegas print house that carries out the best printing with the best materials.

Finding Your Premium Business Card Printer

What makes business cards “premium?” There are many facets to create a gem of a business card. Here are some standard features your Las Vegas printer will do.

  • High-Quality Card Stock: These offer different texture and finish.
  • Double-Sided Color Printing: full-color on both sides offers a vibrant touch
  • Special Coatings: These can make your card stand out and durable
  • Custom Features: rounded corners and embossed text are two main custom features

Impress By Your Printing Company in Las Vegas

You need to find the right printing firm that won’t just deliver all your cards the way you want them, but also, they should advise what the best colors or the latest trends you can incorporate are.

For many years, Impress By Print has been leading the way with business card design for hundreds of Las Vegas companies.

When you want to make a first impression that will be a lasting one, then you will have the best local printing company to enable you to achieve this.

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