Attention Grabbing Custom Brochures

Does your custom brochure need a competitive edge?

However, what must you do if you have a limited budget and cannot pay for a professional design?

High-quality designs do not come cheap!

Let us tell you a secret you do not always need an expert to get the results you need.

You can get quality custom brochures right here without spending your money on an expensive designer.

  1. Find a Template Online

The internet is full of downloadable templates you can find free of charge. You can customize any of them to fit your project. All the hard work from text boxes to the photo area is there for you and done. Everything is in place for you to add your material. The fantastic thing is you can find them in standard brochure sizes and ready to print. Save money and time today and use a template you can find online.

  1. Buy Stock Photos

You can find high-quality stock photos for cheap at Adobe and Shutterstock. You can purchase a subscription or pay per picture. Once you buy the photo, it is yours to use. Therefore, add a professional touch to your custom brochure with this inexpensive option.

  1. Capture the Photo Yourself

If you do not have the budget to invest in photos online, why not grab your Smartphone and capture the photo yourself. In general, brochure images are small in resolution and using authentic photos is a trend. For that reason, use a real picture of your business for the best marketing results.

  1. Benefit from Free Graphic Design Software Online

Instead of spending a fortune on a designer, find free online versions of graphic design software to edit your brochure. Adobe Photoshop can be expensive so instead use Sumopaint that has similar tools to doctor graphics or images. Another web site is Canva offering fonts, images, design tools, and templates. You can even use the scalable photo available for a small fee.

  1. Use Your Funds for Higher Quality Brochures

As you have saved money on a professional designer, you can use the funds on the final product. Print your prospect with a high-gloss finish or use texture paper instead of the bland paper. Alternatively, you can use foil embellishments, do die cuts, spot varnish, metallic ink and more. Make your brochure stand out with these elements to boost your brand retention.

  1. Keep the Colors Simple

When you are not a designer one of the hardest parts is choosing the right color. You can get unlimited options to combine color, and it is easy to make a mistake.

Avoid these mistakes at all cost.

Stick with a few primary colors to give your custom brochure a consistent look and feel. If you are uncertain, opt-in using your brands color or let a professional printing service in Las Vegas help.

If you can afford a graphic designer, you have made a good investment for your custom brochures. Adding a professional touch makes a huge difference. The expert adds the finer details that you may overlook.

However, if you cannot afford one, you can still create a custom brochure with the methods mentioned.

Nevertheless, if the custom brochure tips and graphic design is not your forte, no problem—Impress by Print has the experience and talent to help you with your brochure. To find out more call us today and have your brochures custom made.

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