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There are a vast number of artists and photographers who are turning their attention toward the reproduction of their artwork.

The reason behind this is that once the original has been sold, it has gone forever, and only the individual who purchased the work gets to appreciate it.


Why Giclee Prints?

There are many forms of fine art printing, but the most accessible for many artists is Giclee printing. This method can be used to reproduce many types of fine art.

Giclee is French and means to spray, which is how inkjet printers work. However, the printers used for Giclee prints are a much higher caliber than a regular inkjet printer you find in your home.

These are large format printers which can match the colors and apply the ink accurately. This gives artists reproductions which are as close to the original as possible.


Finding a Giclee Printer in Las Vegas

Not all Las Vegas printers can do Giclee prints. It takes an enormous investment for the printing equipment which is capable of producing large gallery sized reproductions.

There are other areas to ponder over because there are elements to Giclee prints, both the ink and the paper must be classed as archival so they will not fade within the next few years.

The person doing the printing must also be aware of how to reproduce these fine art Giclee prints. There is a lot more experience needed than merely clicking on print.



Creating Your Giclee Print in Las Vegas

The original piece will be scanned to produce an artist’s proof which is then printed so everything can be checked.

Once you have approved this, there is then a production file created with all the correct colors, details, density and paper finish along with the size of the print. All this is locked in place, so every edition is an identical copy of the one printed before it.

With prints, many high-quality artists will run a certain number, and if this is the case, it is known these original working copies are destroyed to protect the artist’s integrity as well as the buyers.

Choosing the Best Number of Giclee Prints in Las Vegas

Impress By Print have worked with many artists who ask the same question. How many copies should I produce?

If you are well known, or the piece is in demand, the fewer copies mean, the higher the price. This is something which should also be openly discussed with your Las Vegas Giclee print shop.

If they produce too many, it could be one of two find their way onto someone’s living room wall. Rest assured. Impress By Print have been in the industry for over 20 years, and our reputation as one of the best Giclee print shops in Las Vegas has never been blemished.

We also make sure you are given the most affordable rates for your Giclee reproductions. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5, 50 or 500, you get the same service, and the very best Giclee print you could dream of.


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