Las Vegas Magnet Printing

There are numerous ways of raising brand awareness, and one overlooked way is by using printed magnets. Custom print magnets are a fantastic way to promote your products and services.  Here at Impress By Print we provide the very best Las Vegas Magnet Printing for all of your needs.


Outdoor Magnets and Vehicle Magnets

Magnets are a fantastic way to keep your message in front of customers. We offer a variety of sizes for indoor and outdoor use which are highly durable and can be used again and again.

One of the best areas a magnet can be used is on a vehicle. If you find your business needs to hire an extra vehicle, or you don’t want a custom vehicle wrap, a vehicle magnet can be the best way to get your company name seen.

All our car magnets are printed on heavy-duty material that comes in a glossy finish and is ideal for vehicle door signage or other vehicle body panels.

Another use for outdoor magnets in Las Vegas is for use on building sites or in conventions where you need a quick and easy means of fastening company information.

With numerous sizes on offer, we generally produce vehicle magnets in pairs, or even numbers to match them up around a vehicle.


Indoor Magnets

Indoor magnets can be used in many different places, you can stick them around the home or at your workplace if you need temporary signage.

We can print on any shape and size. Here are a few examples of where magnets are used in Las Vegas.

  • Magnetic business cards
  • Custom magnetic shapes (fridge magnets)
  • Custom magnetic ads – many sizes with round corners, or oval shaped
  • Full-color calendar magnets
  • Full-color schedule magnets


Magnet Designs

Marketing efforts can either fail or succeed, businesses search for a means of advertising which is unique, especially around Christmas time when gifts are handed out as a token of appreciation.

Our graphic designers will work with you to make sure your message is at its most effective and attracts your audience by giving it that wow factor everyone seeks.

Impress By Print use the best materials and inks to obtain the best and most durable finish. Designs are only limited by your imagination, so there is no need not to present your company in areas you might never have considered.

For a cheap method of advertising that can be swapped and changed as needed, you can call Impress By Print and see how cost-effective it can be to get your message across to a broader audience.

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