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Las Vegas isn’t well known for its parks unless they have roller coasters in them. There are though many parks which are scattered around that don’t have a single ride of this nature anywhere in sight. For a complete change ofscenery,here are some of the many Las Vegas parks you can visit and while away the hours, or show the kids something a little different.


Springs Preserve

This is a 180-acre area which has been designed to celebrate the dynamic history of Las Vegas. On the preserve are museums and galleries and areas which host events and outdoor concerts. These are coupled with botanical gardens which introduce a bloom of color onto the more than frequent desert landscape. Located around 3 miles west of the Las Vegas downtown area. The preserve is well known as the birthplace of Vegas.


Clark County Wetlands Park

210 acres sits at the center of the wetlands park and is home to many an animal and bird who seek solace by the water’s edge. To see all of these in their natural habitat there are miles of paved and unpaved trails scattered around. Within a few minutes, you’ll forget you are close to a rambling city and in the middle of a desert. There are numerous points of interest along the many trails such as the Upper Diversion Weir Bridge, Cottonwood Grove and Vern’s pond and Island to name but a few.


Downtown Container Park

If the others have many tracks to travel, this is well off the beaten trackregarding nature. The container park is an open-air entertainment and shopping venue which is home to 38 retail stores. The uniqueness of this park is it is constructed from over 40 old shipping containers. You will know when you arrive,as a huge praying mantis greats you by shooting flames from its antennae.


The Park

If you’re staying closer to home and you want to be in the center of all the excitement. There is no other place than The Park which is located by the T-Mobile Arena. Here you will embrace an eclectic mix of bars, restaurantswithin a few steps of entertainment. If you are not venturing into the Arena for one of the many world-class shows which come to Vegas on a daily basis, you will find you are at the very junction of New York- New York and Monte Carlo.

With this hot rocking community vibe, you’ll find plenty of outdoor seating which will make you feel a part of the action. Sit back and enjoy one of the many forms of entertainment on offer or get up and mingle with the rest of the Vegas part crowd.


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