Las Vegas Roller Coasters


Whoever said Las Vegas was a place to relax got it wrong. It caters to everyone who loves a good thrill, and there is no better way of achieving this than taking on one of the Las Vegas Roller Coasters.

The list of roller coasters in Las Vegas goes on as far as one of the rides. You can speed at 70+mph or hang over the Las Vegas strip at the height of 855ft.

As there are so many it is easier to list a few of the rides and a quick explanation of what you can expect in the hunt for your adrenaline fix:


Adventure Canyon

One of a kind log ride which is based at Buffalo Bills. It has a death-defying drop,and you have the opportunity to shoot the bandits with your laser.


Adventure Dome

Circus Circus presents the pink dome which covers plenty of Las Vegas roller coaster rides and has the benefit of being out of the heat for the afternoon. The site covers a vast 5 acres and has rides such as Canyon Blaster and El Loco among other things. If small kids are in tow, this can be one of the best places to satisfy the entire family.


Big Apple

Where else could a roller coaster of this name be located thenin New York New York. With carriages designed like cabs, you encounter many drops, loops and have the chance to wear a 4D headset which transforms the ride into something entirelymind-blowing.


Big Shot

If you want to feel some extreme G’s and go into space, this is the closest you can get. 4G pulling at you as you shoot 160ft into the air at 45mph. All this at the top of the stratosphere, so add in the 1,000 plus feet of the tower and space feels like an arm stretch away.



This is one of the largest roller coasters in the country and can be seen towering above the Vegas skyline. It might start slow,but when you’re dropping 209 feet into a tunnel followed by a 155-foot spiral, you can see where the name comes from. All this is with a top speed around the 90mph mark.If that’s not enough to make you feel queasy, maybe the rattling of the structure will do. Technically this isn’t in Vegas, but its close enough to make a day trip worth it.



Although not technically a roller coaster in Las Vegas, or even a roller coaster at all. Insanity deserves a special mention as for when you see what the ride does it takes some Insanity to contemplate having a spin on it. If hanging face down on a centrifuge wheel tickles your fancy. This might be the ride for you, did I mention this is being hung 900 + feet over the edge of the stratosphere tower. Don’t look down. It’s not an option as you are facing the ground as the ride starts.

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