My Las Vegas Trip

This wasn’t my first trip to Las Vegas nor my second. However, it was my best. Third time lucky they say, and this was pretty much true as this was a vacation rather than work oriented. I could go on about all the great places we visited and the fun times the wife,and I had, but that would be way too much to read.

I thought it much better to pick out the highlights of my Las Vegas trip and keep it lighthearted reading.


Wine Tasting in Vegas

We took some time out to make sure we felt sophisticated. Out trek led us to the Rio Wine Cellar and Tasting room. What we found was terrific if you are a wine buff. The entire collection is valued at around $10 million,so you better make sure you don’t knock any bottles over on your way out.

It makes for a fun time out and is very far from a typical Las Vegas experience. Advanced warning if you visit. They offer well over 100 wines by the glass, so don’t be tempted to work your way through the menu.


Let off Steam in Las Vegas

After all that wine sampling you should try out some tenderness. We found the most exotic place to visit rather than choosing the spa which seems to be included in every hotel is the Sahra Spa &Hammam which is located at the Cosmopolitan. This is very far from a regular spa and is very original with huge sandstone walls which line the walls. We found the range of services extensive and you can choose from clay body treatments why I can vouch for are thoroughly relaxing down to the hot stone massages and the Fire and Ice facials which the wife opted for. Just don’t plan on doing much else for the rest of the day.


Something Risqué in Las Vegas

Over a few breakfasts, the wife and I deliberated which the best show to go and see was. We knew the Cirque de Soliel has many shows so choosing which one was the height of many a discussion. We finally opted for Absinthe which is shown in the tent outside Caesars Palace. The show isn’t exactly for children and is just the ticket to titillate you before you decide on what to do later. We pondered over some topless sunbathing on the following day although my wife was a little reserved on the whole thing.


Little White Wedding Chapel

What more iconic place in Vegas to betroth your love for your partner than this little chapel. If you want to get hitched this is the most memorable place on earth where you can do it. For me, I was wed many miles from Las Vegas,but a quick visit brought back many happy memories for the wife and me. I do, and I’d do it all again.


This is only a few of the places we visited during our stay. Las Vegas has something for everyone, so when you find the time to visit, venture off the tourist track and search out the weird and the wacky.

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