Las Vegas Window Perf Printing

One of the best things you can do for business windows is to add a window perf wrap. These bring a couple of benefits aside from advertising your wares or business. You can merely go for a few key words, simple logos or adding images of what you have inside.


Benefits of Las Vegas Perf Printing

Here are the benefits of having Las Vegas perf printing on your windows.

  • Light Blocking – Windows which are bare and catch the sun also let in heat. A large window which has a perf print covering it will remain cooler through the day. It doubles up on the effective cooling if your windows have been previously tinted to keep out the summer sun.
  • All over advertising – Store windows are probably the most significant advertising space any store can have without realizing. A perf print is an ideal way to take advantage without blocking light out altogether.
  • Raising curb appeal – One store looks the same as any other from afar and increasing your store’s curb appeal is simple with window perf prints. You aren’t limited to logo’s or plain text, and you can quickly add a burst of color to help you stand out.


Other Areas to Use Window Perf in Las Vegas

Impress By Print know all too well of the other areas where Perf printing can be used aside from store windows. Busses or large vehicles where they wouldn’t obscure a drivers view can be alternative advertising locations. There must be literally thousands of people who use bus routes in Las Vegas, and who can all be possible customers.

Window perf is ideal for placing on any residential, vehicle or commercial window.



How to See From the Inside?

If you are worried a window perf might obscure too much from your store window, there is no need to worry. All the top grade window perf materials we use in Las Vegas is a 60/40 vinyl as the most common.

This is 60% viewable from the front and 40% from the back side. They are also easy to remove compared to plain vinyl so they can be changed more frequently if required.

From a distance on the inside of your store, you can still see the outside as clear, albeit slightly darker like the window was unobstructed. It is only the closer you get when your eyes can focus on the perforations you begin to see there is a slight obstruction.


Impress By Print use the very best materials because this type of material is prone to shrinkage across batches.  Are pros can readily advise on the best design to make sure everything lines up squarely and appears straight.

There is nothing worse than a window perf in Las Vegas which has borders that are not equal due to the material shrinking. For the very best in Las Vegas window perfs, customers are more than welcome to visit the shop and take a look at what is possible.


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